Undergraduate School

Undergraduate School


All our undergraduate programmes are four-year duration, featuring a foundation year followed by three years of intense study in your selected field. Your studies will include a mix of core courses to focus your learning and your choice of electives to allow you to focus on a specialized area.  
Academic programmes are adapted to the global industrial, economic, social and business environments. The credit system offers flexibility in the selection, sequence, and pace of courses. All courses are reviewed and supervised by CUHK for the purpose of imparting cutting-edge knowledge and training first-class scholars and professionals.  

After completing the necessary course units and satisfying the graduation requirements, you will receive a CUHK Bachelor’s degree. The University’s Bachelor degree is classified based on your GPA for all major courses.


School of Management and Economics (SME)

•  Finance

•  Economics

•  Financial Engineering (Offered jointly with the SSE)

•  Global Business Studies

•  Professional Accountancy

•  Marketing and Communication



School of Science and Engineering (SSE)

•  Statistics

•  Electronic Information Engineering

•  Computer Science and Engineering

•  New Energy Science and Engineering

•  Mathematics and Applied Mathematics



School of Humanities and Social Science (HSS)

•  Translation

•  Applied Psychology



School of Life and Health Science (LHS)


•  Bioinformatics

•  Biomedical Science and Engineering

•  Pharmaceatical Science** Pharmaceutical Science is a new degree expected to commence in 2020 pending government approval.