Language Support

Language Support


Self-Access Language Learning (SALL)


The language of academic study can intimidate native speakers. For students learning English, the challenge is even more imposing. While English tuition is provided, the SALL Centre offers you extensive learning materials and other activities to utilize according to your own needs and purposes. This allows you to learn English in a way that suits your needs and learning style.

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Chinese Classes


Language is likely to be one of the most challenging, but also potentially the most rewarding aspects of living in China. While all our courses are taught in English, we’ll help you adapt to your new environment with a weekly program of Chinese classes taught by our professional Chinese teachers. Catering to all abilities, content will offer guidance in both the written and spoken forms whilst varying from daily necessities up to analysis of complex reading materials.



For Cantonese


As a part of Guangdong Province, you may sometimes hear Cantonese, but it should not affect your everyday lives. You can also join the Cantonese Club if you wish to study this particular dialect.