Mental Health Service

Mental Health Service


Settling into a new environment, country and culture is a process that takes time and energy and affects the mind and body. Due to variations in eating habits, climate, religion, social mores, political thoughts, and basic lifestyles, it is common for a newcomer to experience 'culture shock'. But soon you will feel at home here at CUHK-Shenzhen.


Possible Challenges

•  Understanding the values, habits and customs of Chinese people

•  Interacting with others and making new friends

•  Feeling homesick

•  Missing your favorite foods, comforts and pastimes

•  Feeling disoriented by the different sights, smells, sounds, tastes, weather, etc.


Adjusting and Fitting in Remember

•  These feelings are normal reactions and can be overcome

•  This is part of the new experience that you have been looking forward to

•  These feelings will change as each day brings new experiences

•  Get sufficient rest, nutrition, and exercise

•  Plan things that you enjoy doing and invite new friends to join you

•  Talk to your friends, classmates, or university staff about how you're feeling


Want to Talk to Someone?

The Student Counseling & Development Service Section offers counseling service to students to help them work through the challenges of cultural adjustment as well as other life issues.

The service is free of charge and confidential. You are always welcome to make appointments with our counselors.



Contact Number: (86) 755 84273294

Address: Room 310, Zhi Ren Building