Pre-arriving Information

Pre-arriving Information


The following documents will be essential when you arrive in China:

•  Admission Notification

•  Scholarship Certificate (if any)

•  JW202 Form

•  Full-time Undergraduate Student Record Form

•  Note: not necessary if you have completed registration online

•  Campus Bank Card

•  Receipt of Tuition Fee Payment (if made in advance)

•  Valid Passport (original and 4 photocopies)

•  Original certificates of qualifications (e.g. graduation certificate, relevant transcripts, English certificate)

•  5 recent passport photographs (color photos with white background, size: 2.5cm x 3.5cm)


Some other things which are important for life in China:


•  Formal dress (males – business suit; females –formal dress and / or business suit)

•  Necessary for formal occasions (e.g. Inauguration Ceremony, High Table Dinners) and

•  Large size clothes (if you are particularly tall or large, you may find it difficult to purchase clothes in China, e.g. shoes, socks, bra, etc.)



•  Many types of medicine are not available in China (e.g. allergy, headache, nausea/diarrhea, birth control and vitamins)

•  Note: it is recommended that you bring an up to date prescription for prescribed medicines to avoid any unnecessary questions at immigration.


•  Deodorant (if you have a favorite)

•  Towels, shampoo, conditioner and other hair supplies (if you have a favorite)

•  Beauty Products and Moisturizers (tend to be more expensive in China)

•  Sunscreen (Chinese brands are often whitening)

•  Insect repellent (available, but concerns about contents)

•  Tampons



Your accommodation includes a mattress. The following bedding products you will need to provide:

•  Pillow

•  Quilt and cover

•  Sheet set (size: 0.9m * 2 m)


Useful apps to download prior to travel

•  WeChat – the most popular social media app in China, which includes many other functions including Didi (China’s alternative to Uber), rental bikes and movie tickets

•  Pleco – Chinese/English dictionary, including features to learn Chinese characters

•  Ctrip – useful for travel bookings (including flights and hotels in China)

•  Baidu Maps


For other things to bring, check online suggestions for packing to study abroad such as

• or