Why CUHK-Shenzhen

Taught in English

English is the primary teaching, learning and working language in our culturally diverse campus. This fully prepares you to step outside and compete on a much larger stage in your future academic and career pursuit.

Freedom to Explore

Don't know what you want to study? Not sure what kind of future career you want to have? At CUHK-Shenzhen, you don't need choose a major subject in the first year of your study, hence giving you enough time and space to contemplate on those questions.

Excellent Peers

You will be studying alongside the top 1% of the Chinese students from prestigious local high schools across the country. You will be inspired, encouraged, challenged and rewarded by your daily interaction with anyone within your university social circle.

Over 470 distinguished professors have joined our faculty team, each of which has had teaching or research experiences overseas, including 5 Nobel laureates, 2 Turing Award laureates, 1 Fields Medal winner, and many academicians.

We want you to achieve excellence not only academically, but also as a human being. General Education aims to cultivate well-rounded students by providing knowledge, skills, and experiences that not only enlighten their future career, but enrich their academic lives.

As a CUHK-Shenzhen student, you will be affiliated with a residential college. Your college is where you are nurtured and developed overall quality as a whole person. It is also a congenial community where you live, social, and take part in all kinds of academic and cultural activities.

The University maintains a global network of over 120 partner universities and institutions around the world and runs over 200 international programmes with these partners. You have more than enough opportunities if you want to study abroad as a CUHK-Shenzhen student.

Students come to us for various reasons, but the city of Shenzhen is always one of those reasons. Adjacent to Hong Kong and the third largest metropolis in the Chinese mainland, it is the next "Silicon Valley", the country's high-tech powerhouse, and represents the vision of China in the future.